Shea's Gamble.jpg

Shea's Gamble

This image was created as a statement against fast money, hubris and the gamble's we take as a society with other people money and loyalty. The characters portrayed in this image were a visual element that appeared on the exterior of Shea Stadium portraying players in play. 

This was given as a gift graphic to EIGHTARMS & BLACKMIST, a local urban label with heavy references to NYC and the apex of hip-hop, THE 90's. 

The New York Mets are a baseball franchise based out of Queens. They began in 1962 and have had moderate success through their history and are one of the most popular clubs in the Major Leagues. They are owners of two World Series titles, the greatest comeback in baseball (69' Miracle Mets), numerous hall of famers, a once incredible rock stadium (Shea Stadium), the 1st game after 9/11 and countless other random stats. Despite this, the club has had a history of unfortunate events that either plagued them throughout the season (injuries, bad karma, good player/bad trades, terrible investments) or tarnished their namesake. 

At the end of the 2009 season, the Mets bid farewell to Shea Stadium. It was demolished to make space for the newly minted Citi Field that was built right next to her. Coincidentally, this was around the same time that the Wilpon Family, owners of the Mets, would slowly be caught up in the biggest financial fraud ever. Bernie Madoff was found guilty of running a ponzi scheme and the Wilpons were investors. 

Since moving in to the new stadium, the Mets have shown promise, but have posted losing records and few memorable milestones except for making the World Series in 2015!!!!! Aces for days!!!!!