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For bobbito

"Look, first of all, man, you gotta get you a toothbrush. You ain't gonna be able to keep the white bottom clean without it, all rlght?" -Money Making Mitch" Paid in Full.

"The Cleansing" Etching, 2012.

This etching was created for a historic New York City persona. Bobbito Garcia has rep for years as a musical ear, bball handler and sneaker gatekeeper.

In 2006, he published a book called "Where did you get those?". It's a comprehensive historical account of the sneaker culture from 1970 through 1987. And while it was thorough as fuck in it's accounts, it also laid a beautifully vivid picture of the life and times of New Yorkers in those days. These were the days of birth for what is known to the world as Hip-Hop and its pillars; Graffiti, Breakdancing, MC'ing & DJ'ing.

This etching was from a dope ass photo he contributed within the book. Back in those days dudes constantly carried around a toothbrush in order to keep their white kicks white. They weren't buying multiple pairs so this act simultaneously conserved the pair and kept them fresh to def for swag purpose for the lady figures runnin' round town.

This etching and edition of 2 and is currently searching for Bobbito as a gift for his indelible contribution to New York's history, Hip-Hop's history and for being a dope individual.

UPDATE : Etching Plate was delivered and received by Bobbito. He was grateful.

See you soon Cucumber Slice!