Inspired by Marvel Comic's spectacular titles and tagline's throughout the decades, these are the tagline's inspired by my life that only I know and that you can only use imagination to conjure up you own story. The signs and connections are everywhere. To connect the dots and find the meaning has been the journey….

Premo,Dres,Jay,Nas,Q-Tip,Buckshot,N.E.R.D.,The Roots,Kid Cudi,Talib Kweli + others in a one month squeeze play..

Madea Goes To Jail

The Sunshine State

Islands of Adventure

Jaguars End

The Tale Of Two Cars

God Nuff Said

The Tale Of The Ex

Drug Test

Strong Island Connection/Blunt Masters

Lakers Love/Orlando Pride

Jersey Witness

Brother Bitterness/Awakening

Birthday Pay

Sharpie Madness

Color Characters

Hollywood Tales

Spottieottiedopalicious Philosophically Fresh

Loose Narcotics Goose

To Be Nice or Not to Be Nice

Dutch Masters


Spottieottiedopalicious Angel

Passion Exchange

On The Mezzanine

New York, New York

Nights Lost/Gained

Off She Goes To Space And The Hearts Race!

Coming From

Nobody On The Dance Floor But Us

9/11 R.I.P.- 9/11/1970

The Lu Connection

Forgiveness Achieved

Love Under The Light without Fright

Fear Thrown To the Wind

Live, Love, Laugh, Life

Pills of Destruction

Love Potion #9

Mistakes Repeated

3 Play That Game

Pot Flower

Blue Elephants

Lucky Charms

Vitamin C

4 Green Leaves Night

Sick To Live

Pages Pages Pages! Phonetically Speaking

Support Structure

Dance Dance Dance!

Sunshine Lines


Kitty Softness

94 YR Old Heart

The Knot Tied

Yankees Victory

Go Me Again

The Grand Combo On Orange

Just Breathe

Loose Strings

Flower Under A Temporary Sun

Hairy Scary Halloween

Jaguar Wright/Wrong

Behind the Register She Goes

Hot and Cold

El Ultimo Beso

Soothing Hands

Moonlight Lines

November 1st reborn

Gut Check

Meet Me Half Way

Emotions Deferred

Ninja Swords

Jonas Connection

Bape Valentine

Piraña Realized + Others Alive!

Memories Golden

The Creative Knot Loosened (TheHose/Jalepeño Reveiled)

Paths Diverted, Life Inverted

Lost and Found

Reality Posthumous

Doors Closed Unlocked

Sacrifice of Life


Known Unknowns

Said Unsaids

$$ Drip

Mas Flow

B Real and JHive

Movie Matinee

Moon Moon Love Balloon

Dorm Craze

Quiet Christmas

Family New Years

Camila The Great

Indifferent Strokes

A Storms a Coming


A Great Angel in the Sky

Tears, Fears and Smiles appear

The threat of help

Passion Pit

Eggs over hard

Hazy Mind, Diamond Find

Nissan Spin

Tear The Foundation Up

A Continuous Day

Bea Battles

Young Touch

The Deconstruction and Revelation Of The Kid

Operation New York

The Resurrection Of The Kid

Lips Open Doors

Peter Parker Strikes!

A Life Supreme

Synagogues Stairs, Wine Glares 

Art Fart

The Promise That Doesn’t Quit

The “iel” Brothers

Shattered Blood

Late Night Sessions

Attention Ego!


Soft Touch

The Randomness of Love

Focus Appeture


The Paper Chase

Summer In The City

Slap me on the 4th, I'll show your Worth

Building Foundations for tomorrow

AAA Club

Rooftop Bliss

Whats Your Direction Director?

City On Fire

Lips Open Hearts

Mind Expansion Life Action

The Promise Never Dies

Heartbroken Reality

LA Not For Jose

NY Loves U

Speak Low

Summer Simmer

City Slow Down

High Floor Constellations

Curves Drawn, Body Dawn

Model Driven

Creation Elation For The New Vibrations

Lost and Found Back Around

AA Meetings Brings Numb Feelings

Yesterdays Tomorrow

Focus, Passion, Action!

Venus in full effect

The Kaiser

The Little Prince

Cobble Hillfiger

Atlantic Ocean, Meet Love

Lost Angel In The Elevator


Killer Cali Chief

Young Spirit Was The One Who Did It

Old G’s Move in Silence

Family New Years Bound

Momo On The Curves

LuLu Is In Charge

Unfocused Love

Showtime on Broadway

Legend at The Standard

Pressure Cooker

Older Age, Youth Played

Mount Eden of so Scarillent

Mangan of Fun

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

Orange Line is a Long Ride

She Dreams in Anime

Where I Once was, Where I Still Stand

Planets and Sun

The Divine Placed in a Stone

Vinny and The Knicks

Stars Shouldn't Be Caught

Brooklyn is Fun

Sneakers run you out the door


Grab a Pen! Make a Friend!

Draw something!

Mother's Create, People with fear Decimate!

Elevatr up please

Hello Sandro, I'm Jose

All Black as a New Jack

Cancerian Reflection

Safe from Wally's Corner

Quiet kisses between the leaves

Secret Lives Create Needed Vibes

July 10th Closest to Heaven

Mexico creates Crosses

Guitar Strings, Heart Sings

Broken Toe Too Late

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Oh My

Cut Wrist

The Director's Penthouse

Art Brings Storms and Deacon's

The Bot Leaves, Robot Enter's

Demotion's, Emotion's and False Promotion's

She the New Year

Ballet Hurray!



DC Full of Signatures, StatesMens, Spongebob and Serenity

She popped the Cork

Skin's Need, Calls of Cartagena

American Tradition Militia

Leather Skin Hide's..

Schell's save lives

Medellin with a Queen

Tigers in Cages, Birds Sing in Rages

El Guaro Sigue Su Murmullo

Montreal for All

The Mets Did What?!

Sooooo Goooood! 

But She Had To Leave For Herself

Ghost In The Bed

Ghost In The Head


Years Later